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Turn those old photos in the attic or closet to easily
accessible and viewable treasures. Making your photos
come alive through video is a wonderful way to walk down memory lane. Yet, there are times that seeing them in print is best. Nothing brings back nostalgia and memories like a scrapbook or a photobook on a coffee table, enticing those nearby to take a peek. Or how about a framed poster of your favorite photos arranged in such a way to mesmerize those seeing it, with every glance, yet another  perspective.
Old photos and scrapbook mementos are fragile and wonít stand to frequent handling. Thatís why itís so important to scan these memories to preserve them. Once they are scanned, then they can be arranged into scrapbook pages, photobooks and/or collage posters to keep and share with others.
     Ľ Custom scrapbook pages (8.5x11 or 12x12) start at $10/page 
     Ľ Photobook (8.5x11 or 12x12 - 20 pages+) start at $75/photobook
     Ľ Collage Poster (20x30 or 24x36) start at $100/poster
Once we create your video or voice production, you can share it in other ways, besides watching a DVD or listening to a CD. We can take your video or voice production to the web, portable media player (e.g. iPod) or mobile phone. We can convert your video (less than 10 minutes is recommended) to a Windows Media, Quicktime or Flash format and your audio to an MP3 format. We can also convert your video (less than 10 minutes) to a Screensaver that you can distribute to your friends or customers. Please contact us for prices.
So you have a special celebration planned where you would like to show your video to friends and family. Maybe itís a rehearsal dinner, a 50th anniversary party or a memorial service. We can set up our equipment and make sure everything runs smoothly for your video showing. Our rental rate is $65/hour. Travel expenses may be extra.
You wish that you can Do It Yourself, but donít know where to start. No worries. We can work with you by recommending entry level photo and video editing software, get the software up and running on your computer, get you started on your production and teach you a trick or two. For those starting out, we recommend:

      Ľ Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements for Windows
      Ľ Adobe Photoshop Elements and iLife for the Mac

Please contact us for prices.