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It is the pleasure of the Community Arts Theatre Society (CATS) to give Vikky Dauciunas of Vikkyd Productions, Inc. a heartfelt thanks for the amazing work she has produced for the theatre. The details in the two video tributes is as professional as any seen on television or the motion pictures we all enjoy so much. CATS is certain that we will call upon Vikky to work her magic for us again in the future! - Laura Westmiller, Festival of Trees Chair, 2006/2007
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» Video Memoir
» Video Message
   (i.e. Video Ethical Will)
» Video Scrapbook
» Video Promotions
» Video Tribute
» Memorial Video Tribute
» Voice Memoir
» Voice Message
» Voice Promotions
» VHS to DVD
» 8mm & 16mm to DVD
» Cassette Tape to CD
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» Powerpoint to Video
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» Video Equipment Rental
   for Presentations
We offer several ways to tell your stroy through video. Draft reviews are provided. Final video productions are available on DVD, VHS tape or USB flash drive.
For those who want to tell their story in the oral tradition of the spoken word, we offer Voice Memoirs and Messages on Audio CDs (also known as Oral Histories and Ethical Wills). We can also make Voice Promotions web-ready as MP3 files.
Get those boxes full of stories out of the attic or basement and make those stories come to life! Digitizing to DVDs or CDs assures that they will live on, instead of fading away -- literally!
We provide additional ways to tell your story. These additional ways can complement your video or voice stories and can also be compelling on their own.
» DIY with individualized
   tutoring also available.