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Video and Voice Messages (Ethical Wills)
Leave behind your legacy ...
(*) Prices subject to change without notice.
Leaving an Ethical Will in your own words and with your
own voice assures your message will be compelling and
heartfelt to those who listen. The purpose of an Ethical
Will is to leave behind a moral or spiritual legacy.

With today’s multimedia techniques, we can assist you to
leave behind your ethical will by voice, words and video
to make the most memorable experience for those lives
you want to touch. We will coach you through the Barry K.
Baines M.D. tried and proven process to write your Ethical Will. Then, we will video record the reading of your Ethical Will and include thought provoking photos, mementos and video clips to enhance your message. Video Ethical Wills are a 20 to 30 minute DVD.  As a special touch, we can create a custom hardbound book of your "Life Lessons" extracted from your Ethical Will.  Prices start at $500(*).

In today’s confusing world of mixed messages blaring at young ones through television, radio, the internet and beyond, we believe that generations after us can only truly discover how best to live their lives through the wise messages of those who experienced life before them.  That’s why we are passionate about helping people create their Ethical Wills -- if not through our assistance, then through the many, many other resources available. To get started on your own or to get more information, please visit or read Barry K. Baines M.D. book “Ethical Wills: Putting Your Values on Paper”.