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Voice Production
I enjoyed my life as seen thru Vikky’s eyes. Also, her manner in obtaining the information to make it happen is A+.  - Ted Soares
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Voice Memoir
Telling your story in your own words and with your own voice uniquely preserves who you are for generations to come. Through a recorded interview, your story will be captured for and treasured by family, friends and community.
Some call Ethical Wills "Love Letters", and we call them Video and Voice Messages. No matter how you chose to name it, the purpose of an Ethical Will is to leave behind a moral or spiritual legacy. Leaving an Ethical Will in your own words and with your own voice assures your message will be compelling and heartfelt to those who listen. To find out more about Ethical Wills, visit our webpage about Video and Voice Messages.
By adding photos to your Voice Memoir and Voice Message, we can create a video that will further bring life to your words and voice. The video would include carefully choreographed audio clips of your voice with the photos in an abridged version of the full length recording. Your words and photos can also be captured on paper with a written summary, complete transcripts and photo book. Formats for portable media players available (iPod, MP3).
Voice Message
Voice Memoir or Voice Message includes one hour recording on CD with customized label: starts at $500(*).
Photos and voice choreographed on video (DVD or VHS tape): starts at $250(*).

Listen to an excerpt from a Voice Memoir about the facinating life of Ted Soares behind the scenes in Hollywood.
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(*) Prices subject to change without notice.
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